Mobile + Frontend

I've been programming Android and iOS apps for 4+ years. More recently, I spent 2.5 years working on Android at Facebook and iOS + Android + React Native at Instagram. In May 2017, I left Instagram to be the mobile tech lead for a 7-person health tech startup working to create a mobile app that users can go to see their entire medical history.

  • I started the React Native integration effort at Instagram with one other engineer. The Instagram mobile apps went from zero React Native usage to a number of previous webviews converted to React Native with various product teams using it to build their newest features. This work was written into a blog post here.

    I also tech lead a project to build a system to monitor mobile app size regressions which is currently being used across the Facebook family of mobile apps, and reduced build times on Instagram for Android by 15+% through modularizing the codebase to increase build parallelization.
    • Built various components of the first Local feed on Android including the welcome header, photos unit, friend stories, and Spotify integration unit (demoed at F8 2015).
    • Improved scroll performance of Local feed on Android by 11.6% (as measured by reduction in time spent under max fps) by breaking apart feed units into smaller recyclable views.
    • Increased average user time spent from 22.1s to 24.7s by building and experimenting with multiple redesigned versions of the Local feed header and feed units on Android.
I worked with two fellow Columbia University graduates at the Columbia Startup Lab on a startup working to create a mobile health management texting platform. We started with solving relationship health counseling for college students, but never got enough momentum or product market fit to take the project further.
• Launched first Android app and added more app features while maintaining a 4.6 star rating.
• Developed secure 256-bit PBKDF2 pin login feature for iOS and Android apps.
• Implemented gamified multi-email referral system to boost referral rates by +20%.

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I'm always interested in learning about exciting new tech projects and startups! Message me on twitter if you have an awesome startup/project or want to hack on something together.